Who I am & What I Do:

     Visuals can do more than entertain and amuse; they can elucidate sophisticated subject matter and educate a viewer through a deliberate sequence of graphic elements. As an illustrator and designer, I seek to inform and inspire the average onlooker to the overlooked intricacies of the world they inhabit. My work manifests as illustrated cut-aways, isometric diagrams, technical, conceptual, and editorial illustrations, as well as information graphics, logos, and icons. The process of creating these images includes initial collaborative sketches translated into virtual mock-ups, and transforming these into finished vector and raster based images. I create in a style of reductive detail that aids in the movement through visual space, harmonizing rational coherence with adventurous perspective. My goal is to generate illustrations and designs that simplify complex topics while simultaneously creating a sense of excitement and fascination.

Please feel free to contact me: whether you’re in need of visuals to accompany a book, article, event, or you’re a company in need of illustrations that complement your product, I would be happy to work with you.





Nick W. Bockelman

Email:   nickbockelman@gmail.com

Phone805. 215. 2463

Location:  Orange County, CA

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